The 7 Hidden Benefits Of Having A Thriving FB Group That MOST Will Hype You Up Even More To Start Or Grow Your Group!
Most people start and grow a FB group for their business to build an audience, generate leads, and influence sales at scale. Those are all definitely possible, but there are TONS of other hidden benefits about having a group.

As you grow your group, a lot of these will happen to you too and you'll see exactly how powerful it is to focus on growing a group around your brand. 

It's a lot of work, don't get me wrong - but it's definitely worth it if you commit to making a great group. 

The opportunity is huge, and now you get to learn the extra benefits you get as a group owner that most people don't even know about! 

After growing a group to over 43,000 members and helping hundreds of other entrepreneurs become thriving group leaders with my training and guidance, I've seen ALL of these benefits become a reality for myself and many others. Let's dive in!
Benefit #1 - You Get TONS Of Free Media Coverage!
As you grow your group, network, and influence you naturally show up in the spotlight more.

Producers see that you're growing something impactful and that you also have an audience that you can share your appearance with, and are a lot more likely to invite you on to their outlet.

A large group is also good for helping you with social proof, so others know that you're someone worth paying attention to and hearing from. So not only do you get more media coverage, you get more influence and respect from the people listening or watching.

Want to get paid to talk about your favorite topics? That media coverage can also get you in the door for paid speaking gigs too. I got my first paid speaking gig this year in Barcelona, and the event organizer found me through my group and reached out - I didn't even have to pitch!

PR companies charge four or  five figures for their services, and as you grow your online presence and more producers enter your network, you will never have to pay for PR!

The other cool thing about this is that the majority of your media appearances will be invites, not pitches. As my group and influence grew I had to setup a whole media intake form just to screen outlets and pick and choose which ones were the best fit for me, my audience, and my goals. 

As media coverage builds, this skyrockets your group growth with more targeted members who sought you out to learn more. That naturally results in business growth! It's an endless cycle that can seriously propel your online presence and business forward.
Benefit #2 - Get Instant Feedback, Market Research, & Validation
Most companies have to pay big bucks to conduct market research and get feedback on their products, services, and ideas. If you have a group, you'll never have to pay for that again.

You even have the opportunity to get paid for letting people into your offers or services early on to refine them and improve them!

You can survey your target market, validate or kill ideas, and get instant feedback to help you make sure your offers are going to fly off the shelves when they go up for sale. Sound good?
Benefit #3 - Become A Better Writer & Marketer
As you grow and manage your group, you'll be posting a lot. Your constant posting will help you refine your writing skills and become a better marketer.

A group is the best place to test out your writing skills because you get real time responses in the form of likes, comments, and sales after making a post.

If a post flops, you get to work on it to better understand why.

I love sharing my wins and losses with posts and emails with my students, it helps everyone understand the mechanics of persuasive writing even better.

As my group grew, I was writing a lot of copy for clients and this helped me improve my skills and raise my rates as well. 

Content on Facebook is best when it's short, punctual, and proves a point. Over time you get the hang of writing quick, persuasive posts that inspire action.

You can use that skill in your email marketing, sales funnels, and even figure out what language people respond best to and use that in your sales calls!
"Having a group (and engaging in other groups) has helped me with copywriting specifically. I've always been a good writer, but copywriting is a blend of psychology & writing well that I haven't always practiced" 
- Tori Reid
Malta, Barcelona, & Atlanta!
Benefit #4 - Build A Worldwide Network Full Of Targeted People
Your network is your net worth. So what are you doing to grow your network full of people who know, like, and trust you? When you scale a group full of people in your industry as well as target market, you build a very powerful network at scale and build tons of relationships.

The biggest thing that helped me when I got started in my online business was linking up with people who were already killing the game, as well as others who were at the same stage or behind me. 

It's powerful to build a community full of people at different levels and bring them all into your network in one way or another. 

My group has my mentors, my peers, my students, clients, and fans too.  I recently did a two month trip around 7 countries in Europe, and planned a lot of my stops based on where my community members were and got to hang out with them along the way!

Having a worldwide network helps you open doors to unlimited opportunities and they might even let you crash on the couch when you come visit! (You know who you are!)
Benefit #5 - Start Or Scale Your Passive Income Streams
When I got started with my online business the biggest opportunity I saw was scalability. I saw people selling courses, doing affiliate marketing, and building these huge empires with intangible products. The opportunity is most definitely there to build a digital product based business - EVEN if the products aren't yours. 

As you grow your group and influence, your members trust you, your opinions, and want more value from you to get to the next level. The natural next move is offering a digital product like a course, e-book, membership site,  or affiliate products to help them get there.

Trish Leto is a great example of this, she got over 40 signups for her course and grew her group to 2,000+ members pretty rapidly after going through my training. She's a busy mom with a job, a business, and wanted to build some more passive income into her life so she did it!
The fundraiser I held with my group for Hurricane Irma Relief
Benefit #6 - You Can Have A Mission Driven Group & Become A Leader In Your Space Rapidly
As groups scale, your leadership abilities naturally shine through. You have the attention of a lot of people and you become an influencer in your space. For those of you with a mission driven business, this is even more impactful because you have people's attention and can inspire action however you see fit.

I was able to leverage my group and promotional capabilities to raise over $3,500 for hurricane relief efforts this year and help provide food, water, and supplies for Houston and Puerto Rico after the disasters struck. 

You have the opportunity to use your social media presence for social good! At the start of every movement, there is a leader with a mission. Then they build their audience, platform, and influence others to make a big impact as well. That's what makes you a true leader.

It's never been easier than it is today to rapidly and organically grow an audience with a FB group that will catapult your ability to influence and lead your community. 

The cool part is - every community in the world has an industry attached to it in one way or another, and as the group owner you have the opportunity to be the leader of both the community and industry attached to it!
Benefit #7 - Stop Chasing Clients, Raise Your Prices, Eliminate Competition, & Stand Out In Your Industry
Out of all of the above benefits, this is the most impactful one out of all of them. At the end of the day you want to grow a group for your business and when you do it correctly, you get to seriously step your game up and reap the rewards of influence. 

As you grow your group, you'll naturally attract more leads and clients. There will be a point where you get so much work, you're forced to reevaluate your business model  and raise your prices. This helps you work the same amount or less, and make more money. 

My favorite part about growing  a group earlier on and hitting this tipping point was that I completely stopped chasing clients and never had to really prospect. My content, group, and brand did all of that for me and I started getting a lot of requests to work with me.

The same will happen to you as you become the go to person in your space. The more engaged your community is and the more focused you are on serving them, the faster this will happen.

More importantly, having an engaged group eliminates your competitors from your member's radar. When people learn from you consistently and follow your advice, they trust you and want to invest in you to reciprocate for all that they've learned so far for free! 

This happened with me when I got started learning about podcasting. I got a bunch of free resources, watched all the webinars, joined all the groups, but I only invested in the program from the person who had the most active group that helped me in my journey the most. 

If you can earn people's attention around a certain topic, they will be loyal and invest in your products and services without hesitation. So if you want to eliminate the fear of your competitors taking your potential customers or clients, be consistent and grow your group!
Become A Client Magnet!
What did you think of this list? Does this hype you up even more to learn how to grow a group, get tons of engagement, and monetize it without being spammy?

I hope you're ready to roll and get all your big questions answered. 

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-Arne Giske