The Top 7 Myths About FB Groups That Are Holding You Back From Success!
After spending thousands of hours in groups, researching them, and talking to hundreds of group owners in my course about what their struggles were with starting and building groups, I learned a LOT about what’s really holding people back. 

The cool thing is… if you can understand these myths and learn why they’re wrong - you’ll be able to achieve success with your group and grow your audience and business that much faster. 

So this is important stuff! Let’s get to it so you can set yourself up for success the first time! Keep in mind I had 4 failed groups before the #MEC...
Myth #1 - You don’t have to have a big group to get leads and sales - if you set it up correctly you’ll be generating leads and sales from the start! 
You might be seeing groups like mine with over 80,000 members and thinking - there's no way I could grow a group that big, that seems like a lot of work!

The cool thing is - you don't need a huge group, you just need the right members, the right message, and the right sales funnels to attract them into your offers. 

Dustin is a great example of this. Within 3 weeks of starting his group and even having less than 100 members he got his first client and paid for my advanced FB groups training! Not bad huh?

Another cool example of monetizing a group quickly is Earnest Epps. He grew his group to 400 members quickly in the first two weeks, and generated over $2,000 in affiliate commissions from offers to his group and went on to build his group to 50,000 members. Kai Ravariere was able to get a $5k client and a speaking gig the very first week she revived a group she was helping out with. 

The opportunity is there to monetize quickly even if you don't have a lot of members! You just need some great strategies.
Myth #2 - You have to pay for ads if you want to grow rapidly. False! 
Myself and thousands of other group owners have grown our groups rapidly and organically using the growth hacks I give you in the 5 day challenge. Facebook promotes groups organically IF you play by the rules. The best part is... with what I teach - you can bend the rules ;)

To get your group promoted by FB more often as a "suggested group" - there are a few factors. The top factor is your engagement level in the group. The higher it is, the more FB recognizes your group as valuable and the more it wants to send members your way. FB sees that people are consuming your group's content and enjoying their experience - and that means people are enjoying Facebook more as a platform.

A few other factors for organic growth include the group name (like I covered in the top 7 mistakes). People have to immediately identify with your group name or find it in search results. This is why you can't have just your brand name as your group name if you want a lot of organic growth. They'll get to know you and your brand soon enough after joining the group, promise. But for now - let's just get them in there!

One awesome example of this is JR Rivas who changed his group name and started implementing a few other strategies I teach. It took him 3 months to get from 0 > 450 members before that, and after he used my methods it took him about 5 months to go from 450 > 10,000+ members!
Myth #3 - You have to be an influencer with an audience to start a group
This couldn't be farther from the truth - it's a bad excuse for not taking the action you need to BECOME an influencer with an audience!

When I started my group, no one knew who I was, what I was all about, & very few people wanted to work with me. I came up out of nowhere and started focusing on growing my audience with a group. That focus paid off big time!

I started getting more sales, more influence, building an email list for free, and even getting speaking gigs and media appearances left and right thanks to growing my group so rapidly. But I'm not the only one...

The BEST example of someone who completely blew up their audience and influence from out of nowhere is one of my top students - Mitchell Weijerman. 

He runs the Digital Nomad Accelerator group, and in less than 5 months he grew it organically from 0 > over 13,000 members. Pretty cool huh?

Before, he was trying to figure out how to sell tickets for his event using FB ads and affiliates - and now he has a hungry audience begging to sign up for his next events and they're joining his course left and right too.
"I never imagined this to happen, but it's growing super fast. That's all thanks to Arne Giske's course. What this guy has put out is amazing. He literally made a science out of running a Facebook group."
-Mitchell Weijerman
Myth #4 - There's too much competition for groups, I'll never stand out against the crowd! 
Here's a scary statistic: There's over 620 million FB groups indexed by google - and this is from an old article too. There's a lot more now...

Here's the good news about that: How many other FB groups there are out there is completely irrelevant to your success as a group leader!

Success with a group ALL comes down to learning how to get engagement in your group so more of your posts show up in your members newsfeeds, and then giving them an unforgettable experience and valuable content so they keep coming back again and again. 

Out of those millions of groups - I guarantee most of them are completely dead and inactive - as well as mostly irrelevant to your niche.

If you don't want your group to end up in the group graveyard where all the other failed groups are (like my 4 previous groups!) I suggest you avoid all the 7 mistakes I showed you.

Up next I'll show you the 7 hidden benefits of having a group that will hype you up even more to get started or continue growing your group. Sound good?

The key factor here is understanding how to make your members addicted to your group and want to come back for more. I've got a lot of hacks that supercharge engagement consistently - but I'll get into those later!
Myth #5 - It takes too much time to schedule and create content, so I don't want to commit to having a group
I'm not going to lie - running a successful group definitely takes some time. If it was easy - more people would be doing it. 

The thing is, content creation doesn't have to be a burdensome chore that makes you want to curl up into a ball and cry.

There's a better way to create a ton of content without having to create a content calendar, hiring a writer, pre-scheduling a ton of posts, or spending way too much time creating new content. 

There's a method I use called the "Everyday Content Strategy" that covers how to constantly be inspired by your experiences, thoughts, environment, and business activity that helps you quickly take an idea - shove it through your brain - and out pops a piece of valuable content.

It's a skill that definitely takes practice to learn how to do effectively, but once you get in the habit of quickly taking ideas and turning them into posts and videos with that many structures I teach, it becomes a no brainer to create multiple valuable posts a day for your group that don't take up much time at all.

Here's a little bonus hack for you too... After I make a post that I know will get engagement, I go to the top right corner of that post and hit "turn off notifications". This helps me make a piece of content, publish it, let people engage, and get back to work without being distracted by notifications that suck up my time! I can always check in on the posts later and respond to comments.
"Groups are the bomb. Thanks Arne :)"
-Stephen Reinstein
Myth #6 - I need to have products and services before you start a group
This is another popular excuse for not starting or growing your audience. People don't think it will be worth it to start building an audience unless they have something they can offer them immediately. 

What they're missing out on is the ability to have your audience validate, beta test, and even BUY your product or service before it exists. Interesting huh?

Did you know a FB group is an amazing way to develop your offer with direct feedback from your target market, even if you have never sold it before?

With the help of your group - you can launch something you know will be solving a big problem that people will also pay big bucks for.

A great example of this is Stephen Reinstein. He runs a martial arts marketing agency and has a few different services he offers. He wanted to put together a course on FB ads for his members to be able to start running their own ads too.

He validated, developed, and launched the course using his group and pulled in over $10,000 in sales the first 4 days alone. Wouldn't that be cool? This was his very first course sale too. He knocked it out of the park thanks to putting in the work early, validating it, and leveraging his group to get a huge result!
Myth #7 - It will take a long time to get results with a group.
I agree - and disagree with this one. I always say group building is a long term branding game, but when you start with the right foundations and have funnels and offers in place earlier on, it becomes pretty simple to bring in new sales.

Then it just becomes a numbers game to quickly grow the community so you can have an even more consistent flow of new leads and engaged members.

So if you're scared that it may take some time to get results with a new group, let's lay out some simple math so you can see the exponential opportunity you have to scale your business by growing your group. Check it out!

Let's say your average client is worth $1000 (or insert what 1 new client is worth to you). Let's say in your first month, you grow by 500 members - and don't get a single new client. Sucks - but it might happen. 

Month 2 comes, you get up to 1000 members, and bring in 5 new clients.
Month 3 comes, up to 1500 members and you bring in 10 new clients. 

The trend continues - and month by month your client roster keeps growing.

By month 6, you will have a ton of new clients if this trend continues. What would that be worth for your business? 

I think you can do better than that. Think about how having another 3,000-5,000 new leads in your target market could change your life in the next six months.

Now that first possible dry month doesn't seem so bad does it? 

It takes time to build something meaningful - your goal should be to do everything you can and learn everything you can to hit that tipping point ASAP.
The problem is... a lot of people give up before they ever hit the tipping point and never see the exponential rewards that are possible if you stick to it.
The question is... if you knew how to reach that tipping point a whole lot faster so you can scale your business and bring in a ton of new sales, you'd do anything you could to be able to learn how to make that happen right?

The next question is... are you ready to start your group or take it to the next level with strategies that have worked across dozens of industries and niches?

You might just be ready for some next level training, and next level results with your group and business. So get ready for the challenge!! 

Before we get into all of the details about the challenge and other ways we can support you, I've got one more cool article for you uncovering the hidden benefits of running a group that most people had no idea about. I know I didn't when I got started! Check them out:
"Grow your group, grow your business!"
-Arne Giske