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Have you ever wondered what sets successful online business owners apart from the rest?
Is it the shiny logo? Having a great coach? Taking some revolutionary online course? Maybe because they hustle so hard?

I hate to break it to you... But the BIG reason why so many people are crushing it online and scaling to new heights is simple, they have a large audience that knows, likes, trusts, and PAYS them consistently. Wouldn't that be awesome?

It's never been easier than it is today to start, grow, and monetize an audience using Facebook groups!
Having a platform that people ENJOY being a part of is step 1 to building a thriving online presence that attracts your ideal customers and clients with ease, helps them get to know you, and brings them closer to your brand.

When done correctly - Facebook groups grow on autopilot organically and bring in thousands of targeted members!
How would it affect your life & business to have an audience of 1,000+ targeted prospects? A lot right?

Then let's make that happen for you ASAP! Keep poking around on this site and grab some resources to start or grow your Facebook group even faster so you can get all the customers and clients you could ever want!

The best time to focus on a Facebook group for your business was a few years ago, but the second best time is NOW!
Want my TOP 15 Tips For FB Group Owners?
Click Here & I'll Send Them Via Messenger!
Who EXACTLY are Facebook groups best for?
  • Service based entrepreneurs
  •  Course creators 
  •  Affiliate marketers 
  •  Coaches, consultants, and authors 
  •  Local business owners too! 
  •  Community leaders & influencers
  •  Marketing agencies 
  •  Software companies and MORE 
Facebook groups aren't for ALL businesses - but they do work for A LOT of them!

My rule of thumb: If there can be discussion around topics that involve your business, brand, industry, or community, you can start a FB group for it!

At the end of the day, people come to FB groups to discuss, learn, and connect.

As the leader of a community, you are the creator of the space, facilitator, head honcho, and voice of the brand that runs the group too. 

This is how you connect with others at scale, get massive brand awareness, and attract A LOT more new business as you grow your audience full of targeted people that will be watching your every move as long as you show up with value!

The most powerful thing about having a targeted audience that knows, likes, and trusts you is that you'll NEVER be a broke entrepreneur! 

Even if your bank account dried up today - you could talk to your audience, figure out their problems, and design offers to help solve those problems and generate cash on demand. 

Wouldn't that be awesome?

They trust you - so they will help you create those offers, you'll help them solve their problems, AND get very well paid to do it. 

How could having an audience the size of a small town affect you? 
Check out this quick video and think about it!
How would that change your life to have a 1,000+ member group full of people in your target market that take you up on your offers consistently? Would that give you more freedom and bring your business to new heights? I know it did for me… but I hate to break it to you - that WON’T happen for you….

Unless you know what steps to take to capitalize on all the group growth and get a truly engaged audience that will take you up on your offers. I do NOT want to see you struggle through growing a group like I did and failing four times before getting some traction…

It took me a whole 6 months to go from 0>1k members. You can do it much faster - and I’d love to show you how so you can avoid wasting all of that time and effort. Make sure you get started with the free growth & monetization training HERE and go through the rest of these resources on this page so you can understand the biggest mistakes, myths, and hidden benefits about Facebook groups for business. Sound good?
So first off, I want to invite you to my community so you can see how I run things in a 73k+ group. Click the button below to get my top 15 fb group tips and an invite to my group as well!

After clicking join and filling out a couple questions, go take action on a few of these resources - there’s no way you won’t be able to start growing your group and getting results in the next few weeks if you want to speed up your progress and get more growth and clients without wasting your time on doing it wrong.

Don’t forget - it doesn’t matter how much growth you get unless you know what to do with them after they join!
So I’ve got a couple of cool free & paid resources for you coming up here. Dive on in and pick my brain! 

Trust me, this stuff works - it’s what I’ve built my 73k+ group with and helped hundreds of other students in my Groups For Profit program do as well.

Catch you later! - Arne Giske
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Arne Giske is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, and digital agency owner who leads The Millennial Entrepreneur Community with over 73,000 young members around the globe. He travels all over the world while he builds his business and went to eleven countries and a dozen states in 2017!

He helps other entrepreneurs build strong businesses using effective digital marketing strategies such as growing communities online with Facebook groups to build their audience, brand, and generate tons of new leads consistently. 

After failing to build groups 4 times, he dedicated himself to learning what it would take to build an amazing community that also fueled his business growth, and now teaches others to do the same.
Arne Giske at Nomad Accelerator Bootcamp in Barcelona, August 2017
At Adcon in Tampa, FL February 2018
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